Inclement Weather

Love the rain? This little boy surely doesn’t.

Saw this photo on Facebook about how we should be more mindful about other people regarding suspension of classes. That while we await safe in our homes for suspension announcements, some kids have to brave the heavy rain without an umbrella to school only to be sent home.

This photo broke my heart for so many reasons:
1. The harsh truth that some do not have the means to provide their children means to stay safe from bad weather
2. We see so many kids in Pedia with respiratory tract infections of varying severity — this may have contributed to their illness
3. The fact that some children have to walk for hours just to get to school every single day (Imagine the risks they have to endure!)
4. Knowing that such stresses could be traumatic to children
5. Wanting to help but not having enough means myself

I really, really want to help make a difference for these children. I couldn’t imagine myself, my siblings, my cousins, nieces, and nephews going through this and I’m sure the parents of these kids could only wish better for them.

I believe it would make a huge difference if we could sponsor a school bag complete with school supplies and an umbrella to at least one child, even just once a year. Raincoats would make a cheaper alternative.

Do you know of any organization that has such distribution projects? Or anyone in public service who might be amenable to this suggestion? Do let me know!

The next time the anticipation of class suspension due to inclement weather comes again, maybe we can think twice about rejoicing and be reminded of this photo.