Re: A Letter to My Hypothetically Gay Son

If the Lord ever blesses me with one…

A Letter to My Hypothetically Gay Son

This letter brought me to tears because: 1.) I feel really strongly about LGBT rights; and 2.) the author restored my faith in humanity still existing.

I’ve heard countless stories from gay friends and acquaintances about acceptance issues. Some, physically abused by their own parents desperate of getting them to “straight up.” It pains me, really, knowing that such wonderful and productive people have to be castigated for being themselves.

This letter is something I’d personally write to my hypothetically gay son in the near future. It’s great to know that there are still people who understand the idea of unconditional love, which entitles a great deal of acceptance.

Let me be perfectly clear: I love you. I will always love you. Since being gay is part of who you are, I love that you’re gay.

I wish society could learn to be more accepting of the LGBT community so that my kids and your kids could grow up to be who they want to be, not afraid to be themselves, regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity, or religion.

Lady Gaga, sing it. [Enter music: Born This Way]


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