Love & Passion

Love and Passion

One thing about Habit is that it often makes us forget our Purpose. We go about each day doing what we’re supposed to, routinely following algorithms in our head and carrying out each corresponding task. In the process of problem solving with utmost objectivity and logic, we often forget Reason — the reason why we are in that particular position doing what we’re doing at the moment.

This morning, I was obsessing over thoughts of hot chocolate, which I have been craving for since yesterday due to “inclement weather.” I couldn’t drag myself to study because I was constantly distracted, so I decided to give in to my craving and grab a cup from our building’s own Starbucks.

The barista greeted me with a sunny smile and asked for my order. “One tall hot chocolate,” I said. He asked for my name, gave my change, and worked on my drink. After a few minutes, he handed it to me and said, “Chesca, I made you the perfect cup of hot chocolate. Made with love and passion. When I do something, it’s always with love and passion.” I thanked him for such a sweet gesture and went back to my room, beaming with amusement.

Love and Passion. When was the last time I did something with so much love and passion? As a junior intern, I see lots of patients everyday. The first few times I examined a patient, I was pretty sure I had Love and Passion flowing through my veins and jumping through my nodes of Ranvier. But out of habit, I admittedly forget at times to really get to know a patient when there are seven more waiting for me for the rest of the day.

Today was a great reminder of how I should operate every day of my life, especially while I’m still in the process of training to become a skilled physician. Every day is a step closer to my dreams and it is only right that I live it with Love and Passion.

I’m so glad I went down for a cup of hot chocolate!


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